The Wessex Senior Spelling bee competition was held on 20th November 2017 and it was a great event. Students performed very well and the tie-breaking session was the most fantastic part of the event. Students were divided into two categories: category A (7th grade, 8th grade and 1st grade high school students) and category B (2nd grade and 3rd grade high school students). Congratulations to the winners of both the categories and all the participants who did their best in this event.

A spelling bee is a competition in which contestants are asked to spell a broad selection of words, usually with a varying degree of difficulty. The concept originated in the United States and spelling bee events are now also held in different countries around the world.

Historically the word bee has been used to describe a get-together for communal work, like a husking bee, a quilting bee, or an apple bee. According to etymological research recorded in dictionaries, the word probably comes from dialectal been or bean (meaning “help given by neighbours”), which came from Middle English bene (meaning “prayer”, “boon” and “extra service by a tenant to his lord”).

Finally, we thank the judges, Mr. Martin for his continual support and being one of the judges in the panel and all other teachers who collaborated and cooperated in this event. Thank you everybody!!!