Foto para objetivos generales


  1. To promote an education oriented towards the development of skills and abilities which allow our students to solve cognitive problems and challenges aimed at working towards higher educational studies.
  1. Reinforce an education based upon on a humanistic ethical formation leading to a student’s commitment towards himself, his social condition and professional field which contributes to his full development as a citizen and human being.
  1. Develop learning leading to the formation of high quality, creative and critical cognitive thought processes, applying the students’ own experiences and learning, in solving real-life problems, which are facing the social and natural world.
  1. Promote an education which fosters the informed decision-making of our students, as they progress through inclusion into employment, the wider social world, family and academic study.
  1. Enable students to become proficient in the use of English as a second language.


The Wessex School is an educational establishment, which is dedicated to promoting human values and academic excellence.

Our school is founded in ecumenical Christianity, its main source of inspiration, declaring itself, consequently, a secular, pluralist, tolerant and, above all ideologies which are respectful of others.


The vision of our school is:

“To develop whole, well-rounded people with the knowledge, skills and values which enable them to learn to know, to be, to live and to apply their knowledge.”


The objectives of Wessex School are to:

Promote development-oriented capabilities, skills and abilities which allow our students to solve cognitive problems equipping them for higher educational studies.

Reinforce an education focused on humanistic ethical commitment to guide himself, the social, the professional that contributes to their full humanisation.

Develop learning towards the formation of cognition and quality of thinking, creativity and critical thinking, applying students’ own experience and understanding  in solving problems facing the social and natural world.

Promote education which fosters the well informed decision-making of our students for to equip them when progressing into employment, the wider social world and academic study.

Train competent students in the use of English as a second language.



  1. Education for human development.
  2. Respecting and valuing the students as individuals.
  3. Emphasising the importance of experience.
  4. A Holistic Education.
  5. Embracing the new role of educators.
  6. Promoting freedom to choose.
  7. Educating to participate in democracy.
  8. Educating for a planetary culture and to be valuable and effective citizens of the world.
  9. Educating for national identity.
  10. Educating in the search for spirituality and transcendence.