The Live Language Theatre team (Ms. Valérie Fauvage, Executive Director and Co-founder of Live Language Theater and Mr. Michael Ayandokun, Actor, English and Music Teacher) arrived in Concepcion at The Wessex School on 28th August and performed live plays for junior and senior levels and storytelling activities for infants as well as workshops for both senior and junior levels.

Aug 28, 2018: Live Langugage Theatre Day: The LLT team played William Shakespeare´s “The Hamlet Soup” drama for senior level and Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein” for junior level enacted by our students on stage. The LLT team inspired and motivated our students to participate in a live show without any rehearsals whatsoever, and the unprepared performance was mind blowing and outstanding. The students who participated did a wonderful and amazing performance.

The LLT team performed the story telling activities “The Gruffalo” for the Infants section and all the kids enjoyed and the tailor-made stories were also very interesting and had an amazing impact on the kids.