Foto para Historia

In 1989 there was a shortage of schools in Concepción; in those days, there were only three bilingual schools: College Charles de Gaulle (French), College Die Deutsche Schule (German) and St. John’s (English). Therefore, the idea of forming a new bilingual educational institution came into being, which would offer another alternative in the English language. Being satisfied that there would be a sufficient number of students and with the support of the SEREMI of Education and other authorities, it was decided to undertake the project of creating the new school and its name would be “THE WESSEX SCHOOL”; on Monday, 4th September, 1989, we began to register the first students.

Before that date, a group of teachers who had worked together, had shared the same vision around education, and began to form the educational guidelines and expectations of the new establishment, highlighting a personalised education, with much emphasis on developing strong values. On the 14th of the same month, we secured the lease of a building located in Colo Colo 222, which would be our home for the next three years, until March 1993, the date on which the school was founded in Vilumanque.

During the first year, it became clear that the house Colo Colo would not be suitable for long, and in June, a second house was rented in the Paicaví Street, where the nursery was installed, and was running there until 1994. In order to achieve the proposed objectives, it was decided to base the education in the pre-school on the Montessori Methodology.

Today the school has about 700 students and is divided into three areas; Infants (pre-school education), Junior (1º to 6º Basico) and Senior (7º Basico to 4th Medio); There is a staff of 110 people, including educators, administrative assistants and three classroom blocks, an administration block, a nursery, a dining room, a gymnasium and a sports field. It should be noted that ‘The Wessex School’ was the first educational establishment in Concepción to move out of the city, with the possibility of developing all of their activities at the same venue.