The Wessex School, Concepcion was selected in the Global Immersion Programme from Chile and
we are a part of the Global Immersion Programme. Matias Oliva, a student from 4° Medio won the
scholarship to participate in this programme. He describes his experience during his stay at
“This actually came as a surprise for me since I thought that the hardest part for me would be
living, just surviving. Things like eating, managing my money, being punctual and just doing
everything by my own, actually scared me. But in reality, those were the easiest things, I managed
my money so well I actually managed to save enough of it to buy some clothes, things I didn’t
think I could do, since I went with the bare minimum amount. I just really liked living alone for two
weeks and having space to breathe, it was almost as easy as making new friends, most of them I
still have contact with to this day!”
One of the hardest things of my experience were the classes actually, although I had a great
interest in the subject before going the classes, my professor was in his last year of his Ph.D.
studies so he basically was a genius and knew exactly what he was talking about, some of the units
and topics I saw were post-grad. level, so I would say that the classes were definitely the most
challenging part of my exchange program!