First Wessex English Olympiads 2017: “A Gateway to the English Culture and Future”
Good Learners inspire themselves, Great Learners Inspire OTHERS!

First Wessex English Olympiad 2017 event organised by the English Department was a grand success! The Mayor’s representative of Concepcion was a feather on the cap in this event who was impressed and inspired by the stunning performance of the students and excellent organisation of the event. The judges did a splendid performance and their amazing help is praise worthy. A special thanks to Ms. Neeladevi Chatta who was the overall incharge of the entire organisation of the event and deserves the credit for making this great event a grand success.

The Wessex English Olympiad is a one-of-a-kind examination, and first in the history of English language testing in Chile which is on par with the International standards. The test will assess the students’ knowledge of the key language in order to have a deep understanding of critical thinking and logical reasoning thereby differentiating spoken and written English. The idea of this test is to introduce them to the International English Language testing system and be aware of their productive, reproductive and integrated skills.

The event went on extremely fabulous with amazing audience and 20 schools participating from Concepcion who contributed their utmost performance and challenged each other to be the Olympiad winner. It was a pleasure for the The Wessex Community to invite the schools in and around Concepcion to share the experience of First Wessex English Olympiads 2017 Interschool Competition. This is an initiative not only to explore the experience of hosting the English Olympiads for us but also accomplishing the gateway to the English Culture and Future for you, too!

“The most important thing in the Olympiads is not winning but taking part; the essential thing in life is not conquering but fighting well.” Pierre de Coubertin (Founder of Olympic Games). Keeping this spirit in mind, let’s go ahead with the forthcoming English Olympiad next year.