Inter-school Spelling bee competition was held on 24 th August 2018 (Friday) at
Colegio Concepcion by the English department of the School Conception and we
won the first place in the Spelling Bee. Almost 10 schools participated in the
spelling bee competition.

This activity took place on Friday, August 24 th at the "Luis Bravo Puga" Auditorium
of Colegio Concepcion, located on Av. Pedro of Valdivia 1945, Chiguayante.
The participants were:
1) Sebastian Colomer (2 Medio A)
2) Rafael Barrios (2 Medio A)
3) Rodrigo Figueroa (1 Medio B)
4) Joaquin Forcael (1 Medio B)
The team did a splendid job and we are happy to announce having won the first
place in the inter-school competition.